TüTown Blues № 3 (18. & 19. Jan 2020)

More Blues dancing magic happening! We'll keep the good things from last time and will make it even more amazing.

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On Saturday afternoon starting 13:00 you can learn or refresh the basics of Blues dancing. No previous knowledge is required but if you have already danced Blues or any other dance there's sure to be a few new and interesting things here. There will be three hours of classes and breaks in between.

If you want to continue learning right away or already have experience dancing Blues there will be two hours of improvers lessons on Sunday afternoon starting at 14:30.

Our teachers this time will be the fabulous Leigh and Daire flying all the way from Edinburgh. Both are passionate dancers and teachers; in their own words: "true blues dance obsessive".


Once again we'll be dancing the night away. This time we managed to convince our hosts to allow us to stay for longer and even got ourselves a band.

Senhor Blues will deliver a fun mix of different styles, rhythms and tempos in original arrangement. They are very much danceable from start to finish.

Please bring your own drinks, since there will be no bar.


We'll get vegan, lebanese food from a Catering. Please decide this right together with your registration as we'll have to place the order on Jan 13.


Music, dance and a potluck brunch to start the Sunday. Everyone loved it last time, so we'll do it again.


Beginners workshop: 35/30 €.
Dinner: 10 €.
Party: 7/5 €.
Brunch: free.
Improvers classes: 25/20 €.


Beginners workshop, dinner and party at Rothenburg e.V., Schloßbergstr. 23, 72070 Tübingen.

Brunch at Gartensia, Gartenstr. 7, 72074 Tübingen.

Improvers workshop at Rainbow Dance Factory, Im Hofstrütle 1, 72074 Tübingen-Pfrondorf.