Classes in sommer term 2022

BEGINNER/Level 1 with Steffi and Leo 

Tuesday 17-18 at Gymnastikhalle

BEGINNER/Level 1 with changing teachers

Wednesday 18-19 at Clubhaus

INTERMEDIATE/Level 2-3 with Selina, Maike and Jan 

Tuesday 19-20 at Gymnastikhalle

ADVANCED/Level 4 with Fredi, Julia, Dennis and Dexter 

Tuesday 20-21 at DAV-Halle


You want to learn Lindy Hop? Then the Beginner course is a good start for you - no previous knowledge necessary! In this course you will learn both roles - Lead and Follow.


You have already completed a Level 1 course (or another beginner course)? Your have been in Level 2/3 a while back and want to review some basics without starting from scratch? Then this is the right course for you! We build on level 1, so you should know the basic steps and you should also have heard of bounce and frame. Don't worry, we won't skip over the basics completely in this course - but look forward to some new variations, figures and stylings!


Your love for Lindy Hop is unshakeable and during the dancing hibernation of the Pandemic you dreamed of the wildest jam circles under the confetti rain of colorful socials with a really good band? (Or just drinking tea and playing chess?) Then you've come to the right place! We'll bring the dancing spirits back to life and take you back to a land before our time, where the SwingOuts and TandemCharlestons live. We'll dance with you a good bit beyond the basic steps, work together to regain your connection, experiment with musicality, and give you lots of new input.

Don't worry if you haven't danced in a while, we'll pick you up where you're at. However, we recommend a total of two years prior experience in classes and on socials, or a little less experience but a lot of motivation to practice. Welcome to the Advanced Level!

If you have questions about the classes or are uncertain which class would be best for you, don't hesitate to ask via mail to:!


Still looking for a dance partner? Ask around at one of our socials, via the Sports Partner Portal  (german, set "Sportart" to "Tänze") or in our Facebook group (or ask us for our Whatsapp-Group via!).

During classes we change partners regularly to prepare for dancing on socials. Pairwise registration is required nonetheless to balance Followers and Leaders. Note that everyone can choose to lead or follow regardless of gender, but you should stick to that role throughout a class! You also don't have to be a student to register. Due to the limited participant number,participation for the first 3 classes is obligatory. If you don't show up without notice, your spot will go to a person on the waiting list.


Solo Jazz Beginner with Maren 

Tuesday 20-21 at Gymnastikhalle


Solo jazz originated in the early twentieth century in the African-American community from dances such as the Charleston and Lindy Hop. It has continued to change and evolve along with jazz over the decades. It offers a large repertoire of simple but very expressive and versatile steps that reflect the rhythms of the music. This makes the dance very musical. Solojazz basics are also a good foundation, not only to learn famous jazz routines like the Shim Sham, Jitterbug Stroll or Big Apple, but also to develop your own dance style and bring more variety and fun into your dance. In this class we will cover the dynamic and very energetic Big Apple (part II). No previous experience necessary, but also suitable for more experienced solo dancers!


Lindy Hop Beginner Workshop with Maren 

07/08 May at Gymnastikhalle


Time to train the moves you learned in class. We bring the music and help you if you have questions.

Tuesday 21-22 at DAV-Halle

Wednesday 19-20 at Clubhaus

New classes always start at the beginning of the new semester! Registration opens 20.04.2022 via the Website of the university sports center, so we have no influence over the distribution of available spots.

More information about the registration will follow soon on this page and on the website of the university sports center.


Beginner-Level with Steffi and Co-Teachers

Friday, Start at 20th June 2022, 20:00-21:30 at VHS Saal

More information about the registration on the website of VHS Tübingen

Lindy Hop Beginner (A-Kurs) 

Tuesday 18:30-19:45

Charleston Beginner (B-Kurs) 

Tuesday 18:30-19:45

Fortgeschrittenenkurs (F-Kurs) 

Thursday 19-20:15 and 20:30-21:45

More information about the registration on the website of RRSCT