With a heavy heart we have decided to cancel the Tübingen Lindy Exchange 2020 due to the corona virus!

We will send mails with more information to the participants soon.

Tübingen Lindy Exchange

19. - 21. June 2019

Welcome to our second Tübingen Lindy Exchange! We have spared no expense and effort in order to provide you with three nights of parties, the fantastic band AppenDixie from Prague, as well as mouth-watering Swabian cuisine, and, of course, fun-packed day-time activities to show you and dance around our lovely student town.

What is a Lindy Exchange?

The first Lindy Exchange took place in 1998 between the cities of San Francisco and Chicago, with the aim to get to know the dance style of the other scene. This quickly led to international events that focused on sightseeing, getting to know the foreign city and its community, as well as dancing, of course, rather than classes or workshops. Today, such exchanges are taking place all over the world, inviting people to get to know new cities and their Lindy-Hop communities.

About Tübingen and SwingZeit

Some say: "Tübingen has no university, Tübingen is a university". With its almost 30,000 students, it is one of the youngest - in terms of age - and at the same time one of the oldest - in terms of the Eberhard Karls University founded in 1477 - cities in Germany, and it is located in the heart of Baden-Wuerttemberg. The city at the Neckar is particularly known for its famous personalities like Friedrich Hölderlin, its great research such as the discovery of DNA, and its student traditions like the annual Stocherkahn race around the Neckar Island.

7 years ago, the first Lindy Hop dancers came to Tübingen and started to build a community - the SwingZeit Tübingen was born! Since then, the scene is continually growing: From just one social per month we now offer numerous courses, weekly socials and workshops such as the Spaetzle-Hop and our first Lindy Exchange in 2019. Just like the city itself, we are a colorful bunch: from young to old, from multicultural to long-established Swabians, from hot-off-the-fire dance lovers to long-time dancers ... Now we are looking forward to welcoming you back in our small and beautiful city for this year’s Tübingen Lindy Exchange.


Friday, June 28th

8 p.m.
with Oskay

9 p.m.
Opening Party
with AppenDixie
@ Boccanegra

Saturday, June 29th

10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Punting on the Neckar

from 4 p.m.
Kitchen extravaganza

9 p.m.
with AppenDixie and Late Night Blues
@ Boccanegra

Sunday, June 30th

10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

3-6 p.m.
with DJs
@ Café Haag

more to come...


We couldn’t be happier that AppenDixie are coming back for the second edition of TüLX! AppenDixie is a band that driven by the Prague swing dance scene combines the elements of the early swing and traditional jazz with a slight touch of craziness. The band plays at big dance events and is a regular part of the Prague Swing festivals. Along with that, AppenDixie has played for the lindy hop scene of Brno, Dresden, Pilsen and Vienna. The swing musicians regularly organize dance parties themselves and raid the existing ones with their powerful live music. We couldn’t be happier that AppenDixie are coming back for the second edition of TüLX!


Hosting has a long tradition at Lindy Hop Exchanges and offers a great way to meet other dancers.

Hosts: If you can provide a guest room, a couch, or an air mattress for our far-flung participants and feel like connecting with new people, then let us know.

Hostees: If you want to immerse yourself in the local scene and do not expect a three-star hotel to stay in, then let our lovely dancers host you.

We try our best to provide you a host to stay. However, we cannot promise that we’ll be able to fulfill every wish.

Kitchen extravaganza

In order to dive in deep into the Tübingen community and to get to know each other better, we invite you to prepare delicious meals and snacks for our Saturday evening dinner. In these goups, you will meet Tübingenians in their kitchens where the kitchen extravaganza starts. If you’re happy to become a kitchen host or/and if you want to participate let us know on the registration form.


Full-Pass: Early-Bird 89€*/94€, from 1st of May 94€*/99€

  • 2 Parties with Live-Band
  • Late Night Blues
  • Teadance
  • Musicality-Taster with Oskay and AppenDixie
  • Swing Brunch
  • Punting on the Neckar

The brunch on Sunday is included. Nonetheless, please register on the registration form if you want to attend the brunch in order for us to calculate how many tables we need to book.

*Discounts apply for students and apprentices.

Terms and Conditions

  • We try to balance the lead/follower ratio. Therefore, if you register as a couple, the likelihood is higher to get accepted.
  • If you register as a couple, both of you need to fill in the registration form!
  • After registration you will get an email confirming that we received your registration. This is not a confirmation that you can participate! Within two weeks you will either get payment instruction or that you’re on the waiting list.
  • Tickets are non-refundable. However you can transfer it to another person of the same role (lead/follow).
  • By participating at the Tübingen Lindy Exchange you give your consent that we can use, modify and publish any photos, videos or other form of media where you might be included (visible and audible).
  • We announce all lost & found properties on the web page within a month after the event. We keep them for two weeks after the announcement. Contact us if you spot any of your lost items. We dispose all non-claimed items or offer them to non-profit organizations.
  • We cannot take any responsibility for your valuables or physical safety. Be careful – look out for yourself and for others as well!
  • I agree to the terms and conditions and the code of conduct.

Code of Conduct

We all love to dance and to share our passion for dancing. However, for everyone to have a nice evening and to truly enjoy themselves, we ask you to keep the following things in mind:

  • If you like to dance, show initiative and ask a person for a dance. Please respect that everyone has the right to politely decline your invitation – for any reason. No hard feelings!
  • Some oft he spaces we dance in are relatively small; please take care of each other and pointed heels or sharp-edged shoes. If you bump into someone, apologizes and make sure the other person is okay.
  • We each have individual dance styles. If you’re not explicitly asked for feedback, please do not comment on or criticize another person’s dancing. Dangerous maneuvers and unpleasant or even painful connections are, of course, exception, and require feedback. Everyone should feel comfortable!
  • For this reason, please also reserve your aerials for performances and jam-cicles only! Even if you know your partner well and even if you have practiced air-steps before, aerials on the social dancefloor are pretty dangerous as you cannot control the space around you.
  • Dancing all night is a sweaty matter. Think about whether you need a change of clothes.
  • We’re all here to have fun. Enjoy your night and do your best so others can enjoy themselves as well. If there is anything that doesn’t feel right to you, please reach out to the SwingZeit team.